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Beyond Isolate

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The unbelievable tasting, ultra-premium, micro-filtered whey isolate.

For those who care most about what they put in their bodies, Beyond Isolate was created to truly exceed expectations. You demand more from yourself. It’s time to demand more from your whey protein. 

Sourced with the highest quality whey protein isolate (WPI90) and then cross-flow microfiltered to eliminate less absorbable proteins, fats, and lactose, Beyond Isolate was formulated to deliver the purest and fastest absorbing source of protein available - this protein for people who are serious about optimizing recovery and muscle growth!

Beyond Isolate is also gluten-free, sugar-free, and banned substance-free. Combined with Beyond Yourself’s award-winning, super delicious flavouring and blending technologies that deliver the perfect ultra-smooth shake, Beyond Isolate has quickly become the go-to protein choice for many.

It’s time to upgrade your protein powder. It’s time to #GoBeyond

Nutritional Panel 

Recommended Use 

Mix 1 to 2 scoops of BEYOND YOURSELF BEYOND ISOLATE once daily (or as required to meet your daily protein requirements) with 8 to 16 oz of cold water (8oz of water to each scoop) immediately before consuming and blend with a spoon or use a shaker bottle. Consume within 90 minutes of exercise.

Why People Love Beyond Isolate

Insane Flavours - What makes people choose Beyond Isolate more than anything else? The unbelievable taste and full range of flavours create lifelong fans in the Beyond community. Whether baking protein treats, making a game-changing smoothie, or just mixing with water - Beyond Isolate delivers the protein supplement you look forward to drinking every day.

Ultra-Smooth - Beyond Yourself uses a specially designed manufacturing process to deliver the smoothest drinking experience possible. 

Commitment to Quality - Routinely considered the “only recommended protein” by nutritionists and dietitians, Beyond Isolate has become the go-to whey protein for people who value quality.

The Details That Matter.

26g of Protein - The perfect quantity of protein per scoop for maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption to optimize muscle growth and recovery.

1g of Carbs & 0g of Sugar - Hit your macros without sacrificing taste. Naturally stevia-sweetened to deliver the protein shake you crave without the added sugar or carbohydrates.

Antibiotic/Hormone-Free & Microfiltered - Sourced from the highest bioavailable whey isolate(WPI90) and then processed with cross-flow microfiltration to eliminate less absorbable proteins, fats, and lactose to deliver the cleanest whey isolate possible. 

Learn Why Beyond Isolate.

Hear directly from our team at the Beyond Yourself HQ right here in Canada about how we've formulated Beyond Isolate to be the ultra premium and award winning protein prowder that's loved by the the Beyond community.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Taylor Knight
AMAZING customer service

The product itself is wonderful, but more than anything I was impressed with the customer service. I placed the order on my phone, and it autofilled my previous home information (I moved some months ago). I thought I’d corrected it, but somehow it reverted back and I realized after the ordered been place.
I reached out, and within a couple hours I heard back and got it corrected. Or so I thought. Instead, in my ever growing brilliancy, I mistyped my address. Closer, only a few houses off, but still incorrect.
Queue panic number two.
I reached out again, fully expecting to be told it was too late and I’d have to actually meet my neighbours.
Nope. Heard back again within a couple of hours, with the news that he’d caught it before shipping had gotten out, and he verified WITH shipping that the correct address was on the order.
Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I apologized profusely, as clearly I was having an off day, but the gentleman who helped me reassured me it was fine, and never seemed to outwardly judge me - which was great because I was judging myself quite harshly.
The product itself was larger than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. Arrived quickly, and tastes divine. Peanut butter doesn’t have a strange aftertaste, it is simply peanut butter. I can’t wait to try the vanilla ice cream that I ordered.
Overall, extremely impressed.

Steve Jones
Great Product, Great Price, Fast Delivery!

Had no idea my favorite protein powder was Canadian made! Can't beat the product and had it delivered free in 2 days. Will continue to order directly from Beyond Yourself!

Amazing taste!

Picked up Peanut Butter Dream with the recommendation from the nice folks working at my local Popeyes. By far the best isolate I've ever had.

It's light, mixes well and has an unbelievably amazing flavor, it's like dessert. Reminds me of a cross between Werther's candies and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream when mixed with milk, and it tastes just as good with either water or milk. I try to get as much whole proteins as I can so can enjoy this like an after workout treat.

Excited to try the other flavors I ordered too.

Amazing for drinking or baking with!

This protein is amazing to have with just water or almond milk as a shake. But it also bakes super well. I’ve been trying out a lot of fun fall recipes and it’s been great! (Things like muffins, cookies, pancakes, etc)!! Highly highly recommend :)

Prabhjot Singh
Taste and smell

Bad taste and smell of protein vanilla dough