built to go beyond

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We're excited that you've received this box.

We asked our partners at Tropicana to share this box to an exclusive group of retailers in the UK to introduce them to Beyond Yourself.

As Canada's leading supplement company our goal is to connect with the UK's leading supplement store.

Not only does this box have some of our most popular products for you and your team to try - but it also entitles you to an exclusive buy-in pricing with Tropicana.

On this page, you'll find an introduction video from our VP of Sales, Arek, and more information about who we are and what we stand for.

We encourage you to reach out to your Tropicana rep to find out more about this exclusive pricing & cc Arek (arek@beyondyourself.com) to discuss new marketing initiatives that we can work on together to get Beyond Yourself in the shakers of even more of your clients!



The start of the art Canadian manufacturing facility in that allows Beyond Yourself products to be concepted, manufactured, and real-world tested all in one headquarters. Quality begins at home

our story

Built to go beyond.

Tired of an industry known for outlandish claims and impossible results, Beyond Yourself founder, Sean Kent set out to create a brand that people could trust to consistently bring the highest quality ingredients, complete product transparency, and the formulas that taste amazing while giving them exactly what they need to push beyond. 

No third party manufacturers. No hidden ingredients. No proprietary blends. 

After years of relentlessly refining processes and products, Sean’s goal led to the creation of a completely vertical manufacturing process - allowing for Beyond Yourself to fully control the production process and it’s destiny. Not only did the commitment to in-house manufacturing allow for complete control over the quality of products - but also allowed our team for intense product development with some iterations taking over 2 years to perfect before coming to market.

This commitment to perfection is what you deserve from your supplement company - and it led to explosive growth of the brand. The rapid growth resulted in creating an all-new manufacturing facility and headquarters in Quebec in 2015. Originally starting with 10,000 sqft, the HQ has already expanded to 30,000 sqft, with plans for phase 3 expansion soon! 

Driven with the passion for innovation,  Beyond Yourself continues to test new ingredients, formulas, and flavours to make sure the Beyond community is getting the high quality products to fuel their goals!

Our journey to excellence is what let’s us fuel your own journey. 

Let’s go beyond together.