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SuperSET Stim-Free
Michelle Arshad
Wow the pump!!!

Even without the caffeine I got a killer workout and pump! Definitely recommend for night workouts!

Vegan Protein
Jacqueline Godbout

Very good

Marcus Smith

Ready to conquer every and all obstacles ahead ✌🏾😝

Best flavours and amazing quality!

The flavours are to die for and it’s so creamy! Highly recommend!

Vegan Protein
Emma Wardhaugh
Such a great texture!

This protein is unlike a lot of other vegan proteins in that it is so SMOOTH! It mixes really well with oats, almond milk, or even just water! The flavours are all rich without being over-powering. Best vegan protein I’ve tried! Highly recommend.

Vegan Protein
Jynessa Kaulback

I have been using this stuff for years and NEVER get tired of it! The flavours are all so delicious and the ingredients/formula is amazing!! Plus the MCT oil in it makes it so much smoother and creamier than most vegan proteins! I’m truly OBSESSED!

Kaeley Legault

Taste is great. Had everything I look for in a pre workout!

Parker Forrest

Tastes great and helps me get my green supplement much easier

Amino iQ²
Michelle O'Brien
Intense focus & concentration

Whether I am preparing to film a health & wellness segment for my local TV station, give a live presentation to hundreds of people or design a clients’ custom program, I absolutely LOVE Amino IQ. I always incorporate it into my day prior to needing intense focus and concentration.

Michelle O’Brien
Owner, O’Brien Fitness


Hands down the best vegan protein powder out there. Mixes so well, tastes so good and it doesn't upset my ridiculously sensitive stomach at all. I heard it was going out of stock for good tho! I really hope not!!!

Vegan Protein
Erika Tkatchuk
The best tasting vegan protein powder on the market!

It’s not everyday you can say that a vegan protein powder tastes great, but the Beyond Yourself Vegan Protein powder is NEXT LEVEL delicious. Whether you are making a shake, a smoothie bowl or a batch of cookies the Beyond Yourself Vegan Protein does not disappoint. With superior taste and great mixability there isn’t a better vegan powder on the market!

Vegan Protein
Ryan Gates

Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein
Gwen Ganske
Best Vanilla Protein

This is the best vanilla protein I have ever had! And dairy free. Thank you for this product. It blends well and tastes much better than any other protein powder I’ve had. My kids steal it, it is so delicious!!

A lunge to lunch staple!

Love it when style meets performance. The Under Armour Rush Tank is perfect for everything I want to do in and out of the gym. It hugs in all the right places making it great for lifting and running but stylish enough to wear out for lunch afterwards. A true fit chick essential.

Amino iQ²
Courtney Alexandria
Amazing product especially when cutting weight!

I don’t know about anyone else but when I’m cutting weight I feel like it affects brain function. This supplement helps with that! I don’t feel that foggy feeling when cutting weight and reducing my food intake. This is a must try!! Thank you Beyond Yourself for this supplement!!

Vegan Protein
Vegan Vision Fitness
Favorite vegan protein

My favourite Vegan protein by far!!

So yummy!

So sweet and yummy! Not chunky or thick. Good on its own and I used it to make brownies too! I will be purchasing again.

SuperSET Stim-Free
Erika Tkatchuk
Best Stim-Free Preworkout I’ve ever used

Unbelievable focus. Highly recommend!

Emil Goshagar

Supplement works I work away at camp 20 on 10 off and have been using this every day for 3 months before bed it works and am very happy with the results and I would recommend this product as a solid sleep and eaa


Best protein power I have tried and tastes Fantastic also love the fact that it has no potassium.

Beyond Isolate
Jynessa Kaulback

This protein has the BEST flavours ever!! If you’re picky with the taste of your protein you’ll LOVE this stuff! So creamy and delicious 🤩

Vegan Protein
Megan Poirier
11/10 recommend!

Best vegan protein on the market hands down! I’ve tried the vanilla cupcake and now the brownie batter and love them both!

Vanilla Cupcake is my favourite protein powder ever!!

I have been consuming protein powders for 15 years. I have tried whey, whey isolate, brown rice, sprouted brown rice, Vega, and they all either cause massive GI issues or taste like chalk.

Not this one.

This one gives no GI problems (I have IBS-D), I was looking for something without sugar (I have type 1 diabetes), and the flavour is INCREDIBLE. I love that it's sweetened with stevia.

I found it by accident. They were using it in the protein shakes at my gym, and despite ordering a peanut butter banana shake, I could taste the vanilla cupcake protein powder as the base and my mind was blown. I was hooked, immediately!!

Thank you for making such a wonderful protein powder!! 💪🏼

Best till date

Best protein I’ve had till date. Full marks to cookie dough ice cream. It’s weird that all flavours are out of stock on BY official website. Hows does that work :p


Really enjoy the Vanilla Cupcake's taste and texture.